Comparing g and contrasting tortoises and Turtles

Some people think turtles and tortoises are similar and other people think they are different. There are actually many similarities as well as differences between them. Turtles can sleep underwater while holding their breaths, some for 7 hours even depending on their species. However, tortoises cannot go under water for very long. Full grown tortoises are 46 cm long, however Turtles are much smaller.  Tortoises and turtles lay eggs on land, eat vegetables, although turtles will eat small animals that live in water like fish and worms.


Our Wearable Waste Week and Fashion Show

Last Thursday afternoon room 6 and room 7  did a waste fashion show. The preparations started on Tuesday with ideas using cardboard, newspaper, paint, and other recycled materials.

I started with cardboard then I cut the shape out of a square. I couldn’t just use a box because the box was too thick. I had to cut the top because  it was too long.

 I finished cutting the cardboard and putting a glue gun on it. Now I had to paint it black. I had to use a lot of black paint. When I finished I let it dry. Now I had to make the eyes – the colours were light pink and purple. I didn’t have light pink so I made my own light pink. I put a little white and not the same amount of red. I mixed it then made the right colour. I drew 3 lines. And painted light pink on the sides then purple in the middle. 

Now I was doing the body. I tried finding the body in the enormous pile of rubbish and I found it! I found the back and the front body part then Mrs Agnew helped me to unfold the cardboard.     

It took me a long time to paint the box black because it was quite large. In the end I brought some black trousers to wear underneath. I was a little nervous after lunch when we had to get ready for our fashion show, in front of the whole school.

We took it in turns to walk across the floor in Room 7 and the whole school was clapping and screaming. We felt very proud of our outfits. It was a great week at school. I enjoyed working on my outfit everyday of the week.



Littering is bad for our environment


The Hauraki Marine Park is a huge area around Auckland and I don’t want the sea here to be polluted or covered in rubbish! Anymore! So that’s why we should clean our beaches and our schools! If we all look after our own small areas, then the world will be a better place.

Why is littering bad?  Litter is bad because the litter goes down the drain and turtles, whales, and even seals can eat this. They think floating plastic might be a jellyfish or something good to eat, but it’s not food.They can get sick and even die. 

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge floating mountain of rubbish and plastic in the sea and there are no fish in it. Did you know that 70% of the number of deep sea fish have eaten plastic and 55% of the fish species we eat are found with microplastic inside them!!! That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

Unless we reduce, reuse, recycle our litter, our wonderful environment will not be able to look after us anymore. We need to do something NOW!  

Our Sailing Day

Last Thursday, Room 6 and 7 marched down to Panmure Basin to learn how to sail. We walked a while just to get there Steph, Ellie and Blair were waiting for us to arrive. The day was sunny and warm.

Room 7 went first. They had to push the boat called Optimists out and jumped in to sail. While they were out sailing, we did activities. We learned about pulleys and how to make knots with rope. Then Room 7  came back.

We pushed the Optimists out and started to sail. We followed the speed boat but Ramsey and I got stuck near the rocks. Ellie helped us and Ramsey and I were happy. Now we had to follow Steph and she gave us rubber duckies to catch but I got none.  The other students passed duckies to us  and we had to pass them to Steph. After that we went to shore.

We helped to push the boats back to the shore and then we all changed into our dry clothes. I was starving so I quickly ate my lunch like a hungry monkey.

It was a long walk back up the hill to school but I enjoyed the day a lot. My legs were so tired but it was all worth it.
I wish that we could go sailing again.